Benefits Of Short Hair For Mad Men

Benefits Of Short Hair For Men

I’m curious category / page (other than the home page) people visit most often when visiting, so I checked the site statistics. My statistical data (Google Analytics) showed that the most visited category on this blog is Men’s Short Hair. Clearly, and not surprisingly, many men are very interested in a short hairstyle. Because there are many benefits of short hair of course.. Advantage Of Short Hair For Men […]

Curly Joe Jonas Hairstyles For Men

Joe Jonas Hairstyles For Men

Joe Jonas (born on August 15, 1989) was a member of the pop band Jonas Brothers. He has black hair and naturally wavy. He is one of young male celebrities are famous because of his hairstyle. He was wearing Joehawk, short straight, longish straight, & natural wavy (as shown above). Joehawk Faux Hawk is a version popularized by Joe Jonas. This is another way to say Joe’s Faux Hawk. The […]

Personality Of Men Hairstyles Street Boy

Personality Of Men Hairstyles

In Psychology, there are some behaviors that can send and receive non-verbal communication (NVC), communication without words. Behaviors including body language, facial expressions, eye contact, handshake, and objects and performances. Hair style is one part of the object and appearance can reveal personality. Human personality can be read from what hairstyle he has, how often he changes his hairstyle, etc. Hairstyle is a signal of personality, so it’s important to […]

Men's Hair Care For Caesar Cut

Men’s Hair Care For Hairstyles

Hair styling tips for men almost equally sought as hair styling tips for women. Our hair style is the glory and crown of our men and women want to look good from top to bottom. Men always worry about how their hair looks to others but is very internalized attention. Men’s fashion is not something that should be all consuming passion like that with women. Today, men are openly interested […]

Lenny Kravitz Buzz Haircut

Lenny Kravitz Curly Cut Hairstyles

Retro rocker Lenny Kravitz is American, he is a popular icon that is not only good at singing and acting, but also can play musical instruments such as guitars, drums, bass guitar and keyboards. He has won several awards and honors for its unique performance and talent and has played a role in some of the greatest films of all time that has received a lot of applause from the […]


Fohawk Hairstyle Pictures For Men

Sweeping the nation for the last year or two is the faux hawk (fauxhawk) or fohawk hairstyle. The newer version of the mohawk hairstyle so popular in the 1980s did not involve drastically cutting hair on the side of the head. A simple cut a little shorter to the side and rear with longish hair on top of head allows for a faux hawk hair style to be easily manipulated […]

Caesar Haircut  For Common Man

Caesar Cuts Hairstyle For Men

Back in the 1990s a man dressed in a very different style of haircut. It was called the Caesar haircut. All after the renowned Julius Caesar. This haircut has made a come back in recent years. Many stars of the past have been taking it upon themselves to adopt this hairstyle. This haircut is known for short bangs that have swept the region and how the man’s forehead. This style […]

Hair Profesional Samurai Hairstyle

Samurai Hairstyles For Men

Samurai is a Japanese soldier in the 10th century. Although Samurai battle was over in about 1876, there are several styles of samurai culture and to learn ‘up to now such as hair style, fashion, and business strategy. Samurai hairstyle hair is usually called chonmage. It shaved from the top to the crown while keeping the other parts of the head to grow long and ties into a small ponytail […]

Extreme Spike Fanned Mohawk Haircut For Men

Fanned Mohawk Hairstyle For Men

Fanned mohawk is the most known variety of mohawk. It shaves both right & left side of the head and leaving a strip in the middle & spikes it like a fan. The longer and higher you spike, the more you need to maintain. Hair is suitable for straight hair. But this time, people change and put some creative style to his fanned mohawk, such as braided mohawk, curly fanned […]

Emo Hairstyles For Guys Images Tattoo

Emo Hairstyles For Guys Haircuts

Emo has been associated with emotional, introvert, and shy. It has deep emotion described by music, fashion, and style. One of several signs of it is the application of emo hairstyles. Emo hairstyles have become a social trend increased in recent years. It started back in the 1980s but seems to have changed over the years. Emo does not always have a strict definition of what kind of hair style […]